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Readers' Choice Winners: Best Pilates DVD, Reformer, Workout Clothes


Updated August 15, 2012

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Winner!: Best Pilates DVD: Kick Abs Pilates Workout by Virginia Nicholas
Kick Abs Pilates Workout

Kick Abs Pilates Workout

Virginia Nicholas

For some of us, Kick Abs Pilates Workout was a surprise winner because it was not widely available prior to awards time. However, Virginia Nicholas has a devoted following through her many other DVD titles and her studio, so Kick Abs Pilates Workout rose to the top and stayed there throughout the race.Kick Abs Pilates is an advanced Pilates mat workout. It is recommended only for people who have considerable Pilates mat experience. Learn more at Virginia Nicholas' website, movingbreath.com

There were 5 Pilates DVDs in the finals. All were worthy choices and collectively won thousands of votes. See all 5 finalists.

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