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This is where you will find answers to all kinds of questions about Pilates - or the resources to get the answers. Look for many tips from other readers too.
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The Inner Muscles of Self Acceptance
Self-criticism can derail a workout quickly. Learn how to keep you workout on track with these self acceptance tips.

Pilates Training: Next Steps at the Intermediate Level
If you have moved into intermediate Pilates training, get ideas for your next steps in improving your practice.

5 Next Steps for Pilates Beginners
Now that you are a Pilates beginner, find out what steps you can take to make sure you get the most out of it.

10 Ways to Do a Better Pilates Hundred
Get tips on how to make the Pilates hundred exercise work for you instead of against you.

How to Sit at Work
Physical health doesn't stop at the gym or Pilates studio. Learn how to sit at work.

Tips for Pilates Beginners - Advice on Pilates Exercises, Classes and Workouts
Get and give advice on how to enjoy being a Pilates beginner. Here readers share advice on exercises, classes, teachers and more.

What Not to Say to a Pilates Beginner
The last thing a Pilates beginner needs is misleading information, even if it is well intentioned. Here are 5 things a beginner doesn't need to hear.

Pilates on YouTube™
Pilates on YouTube™ can be very useful or very misleading. Learn to find the best Pilates videos on YouTube

Spotlight on Your Fitness Plan
These 10 questions will help you make and keep a fitness plan. Lots of helpful resources are included.

Can I Use Hand Weights in a Pilates Workout?
Learn how to use hand weights effectively in a Pilates workout.

What Are the Deep Six Hip Muscles?
Learn where the deep six muscles are, how they move us, and why they are important to be aware of.

5 Improve Your Workout Tips
Here are five easy things you can do to make your workouts better today.

What is a Pilates Body and How Do I Get One?
There are certain qualities associated with a Pilates body. Here we talk about what they are and how to get them.

What If I Can't Do Advanced Pilates Exercises?
A reader asks: What if I can't do the advanced Pilates exercises?

Will Pilates Help Me Be Taller?
Many people want to increase their height. Pilates, famous for producing a long, lean look and good posture helps people appear to be taller.

Here are 5 real reasons you need Pilates mat classes. Take them at a studio...
Get 5 reasons why Pilates mat classes are essential for your Pilates training.

Readers' Best Resistance Band Exercises
Here are favorite resistance band exercises that were submitted by our readers. There are instructions and photos for these resistance band exercises.See submissions

Pilates Reformer - Why We Love the Pilates Reformer
Ever wonder why people love to workout on the reformer? Here, readers give their reasons.

Business Marketing for Pilates and Yoga
Pilates and yoga marketing consultant Kylie Saunder gives her best tips for getting your studio marketing and business strategies off to a good start.

How to Sleep Better
The benefits of the Pilates method are not limited to the body in motion. Here we get insights from Joseph Pilates on how the Pilates Method can help you get better sleep.

Sweating and Exercise - Play it Cool
When you sweat during exercise it's usually a good sign. But you might want some tips on sweating problems and how to stay comfortable in a workout.

Sharing Pilates Success Stories
Do you have a Pilates success story? Share it, and read about how Pilates has helped other people too.

How Can I Be Part of Pilates at About.com?
There are lots of ways for you to be part of this website. Take a look at this big list.

Pilates Gifts - Books, DVDs, Pilates Equipment and Clothes - Gifts for
These fitness gifts are great for Pilates people.

What is the Pilates Method Alliance (PMA)?
The Pilates Method Alliance (PMA) sponsors the PMA Pilates Instructor Certification Exam and works to support the credibility of Pilates as a profession. Learn more here.

Reasons Why People Have Flat Stomach Problems
Sometimes abdominal exercises aren't enough. Here are some reasons why you might not be able to pull your abs in and get a flat stomach look.

Use the Pilates Forum at About.com
The Pilates forum here at About.com is one of the best places to go to ask questions and share information about anything Pilates. The forum is free and open to all.

How to Roll Your Pilates and Yoga Mats
A quick tip for rolling your Pilates and yoga mat so that it always stays clean.

What is Pilates?
A brief description of the Pilates method of exercise.

What is a Pilates Wunda Chair?
The Pilates chair, also called the wunda chair and the low chair, has been getting a new look, moving into the mainstream and losing its status as one of the "mysterious" Pilates machines.

What is Pilates Stance?
Pilates stance is a powerful position for the legs that is used in both Pilates mat, and equipment exercises.

Will Pilates Help Me Lose Weight?
Many People do Pilates to tone their muscles, improve their posture and help them lose weight. Creating lean muscle mass, as Pilates does, is one of the best ways to increase your calorie burning potential.

Why Do I Have Neck Pain When I Do Pilates?
Why do some people have neck pain when they do Pilates? Get tips for overcoming neck pain when you do Pilates.

Pilates Machines vs Pilates Equipment
What is a Pilates machine, really? Learn about Pilates equipment from reformers to magic circles.

What Makes a Workout Cardio?
Cardio exercise is associated with better heart health and weight loss along with other benefits. Learn more about what cardio is.

Why So Few Exercise Repetitions in The Pillates Method?
Find out why the Pilates method does fewer exercise repetitions but still builds strength.

What Should I Eat for Doing Pilates?
Many people wonder what to eat when they are going to do Pilates exercise. Because there is so much emphasis in Pilates on using your abdominal muscles, you will want to have a fairly empty stomach.

What is Pilates Fusion?
When Pilates gets combined with other things is it still Pilates? Sometimes it is and sometimes it's not. Let's take a closer look.

What do I Wear to Do Pilates?
Don't let wondering what to wear to a Pilates class stop you from going. Pilates clothing is an easy subject. Read this short article for the inside scoop on Pilates attire.

Is Pilates Good Exercise for Seniors?
This article takes a deeper look at the benefits of Pilates for seniors and some precautions seniors may want to take.

What is Standing Pilates?
Find out what standing Pilates is, how to learn standing Pilates exercises, and about standing Pilates teacher certification.

Can I Do Pilates Every Day?
Can you do a Pilates workout every day? What would such a workout look like and how could you keep daily workouts safe and effective? Find out what you need to consider about your Pilates workouts to keep them safe and interesting over time.

How Much Pilates Is Enough to Get the Full Benefits?
A reader asks how much Pilates is enough to give her all the benefits of Pilates.

Is Pilates Really for You?
Find out what type of exerciser you are. Here's what you need to know to see if Pilates is right for you?

Exercise Test Drive - The Hundred

A Pilates Event for Everyone - March Matness

Opinion Piece: The Case Against Music in Pilates Class
Your Pilates practice Won't Get Better With Headphones.

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