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Getting Started in Pilates

Covering Some Basics on Getting Started in Pilates Exercises and Pilates Classes
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Pilates Training: Next Steps at the Intermediate Level
Now that your Pilates training has progressed from beginner to intermediate, it's time to look at what your next moves could be.

5 Next Steps for Pilates Beginners
Get the most out of being a Pilates beginner with these easy guidelines.

Tips for Pilates Beginners - Advice on Pilates Exercises, Classes and Workouts
Here readers share their best tips on getting started in Pilates.

What Not to Say to a Pilates Beginner
As a Pilates beginner, there are a few things people might say to you about Pilates that, well, they really shouldn't. Here are 5.

Spotlight on Your Fitness Plan
Use these 10 questions to help you make a fitness plan that works with your schedule and your goals.

Pilates Info for Beginners
Pilates is a very beginner friendly fitness method. This page highlights Pilates information and exercise principles that will help you get the most benefit from your Pilates training.
Here will find everything from how to choose a Pilates class and instructor, to how to do basic Pilates moves.

What If I Can't Do Advanced Pilates Exercises?
If you are getting started in Pilates, you might wonder if you will get benefit if you don't do the advanced exercises. Read this Q and A.

Quick Reference: Pilates Exercise Instructions and Workouts
Here is an easy way to find some of our top picks for Pilates exercise instructions. Learn mat exercises and workouts as well as exercises with the Pilates ball, band, ring and more.

Pilates Classes for Beginners
Find out about the different kinds of Pilates classes and how to get started.

Get In Shape With Pilates
The Pilates method is a fast and effective way to build a body with uniform muscular development, core strength, and flexibility. Learn about the Pilates principles, core training, and other keys to getting in shape with Pilates

Top Ways to Learn Pilates
From private instruction to group classes, books, DVDs, and even online instruction there are lots of ways to learn Pilates. Here is an introduction to some popular ways of going about learning Pilates.

Breathing and Exercise
Learn about the many benefits of deep breathing. This article is about how deep breathing is used in Pilates exercise and includes info on deep breathing exercises.

What Should I Eat for Doing Pilates?
Pilates does not require a special diet but there are some guidelines that will help you feel your best during workouts.

Understanding the Pilates Powerhouse
Using your powerhouse is one of the most important concepts in Pilates training. Learn what makes up the powerhouse part of the body.

Top 5 Myths About Pilates
What is Pilates? Is Pilates a derivative of yoga? Is it only for women and wimps? Does Pilates exercise cater to flabby abdominals and ignore the rest? Here a few of the myths about Pilates that can send Pilates folks into mild hysteria, if not full on conniptions.

Etiquette for Pilates Classes
Usually Pilates classes hum along without much trouble and it's not hard to figure out what the standards are at a studio. So don't worry,

Readers Respond: Pilates Class Dos and Don'ts
Readers tell what drives them crazy at Pilates class. Learn the dos and don'ts at Pilates classes from Pilates teachers and students.

Set Up Your Home Workout Space
Follow through on home workout plans by setting up a space for exercises and Pilates equipment. Get tips on how to set up for your Pilates home workouts.

Pilates Can Be Affordable
Some of us have to be a little creative to afford as many Pilates classes as we want to do. Here are some of my top cost cutting tips for making Pilates classes and study more affordable.

The Joys of Learning Pilates at Home
Pilates home workouts are one of the best ways to get the full benefits of Pilates. Read about why Pilates at home can be valuable

Why You Need a Real, Live Pilates Instructor
Pilates DVDs and online exercises are great but you still need a real, live Pilates instructor. Find out why.

Fears About Beginning Pilates
Do you want to learn Pilates but have some fears about Pilates training? Getting started can be the hardest part of learning something new. Here are some common fears people have about beginning Pilates, along with encouraging information about how to learn Pilates comfortably.

Is Pilates Scary? Share Your Story/Read Others'
Being a Pilates beginner can be scary. Readers talk about Pilates and what makes them nervous. What are you afraid of?

Before You Do Rolling Exercises
Rolling exercises are part of the classic Pilates exercise repertoire. These tips will help you get the most out of rolling exercises, and do them in a safe way.

Buying Pilates Exercise Equipment and Gear
From clothing to Pilates equipment, books and DVDs, this buyers' guide is designed to help you sort through the variety choices that are available.

About Pilates Fusion
Pilates on the exercise ball, Pilates with fitness bands, Pilates with yoga. Pilates with tango dancing. The list goes on, but are we still talking about Pilates? Is what's known as "Pilates fusion" still good exercise? A large part of the Pilates community would say no, and a large part would say yes.

Pulling in The Abdominals
Knowing how to pull your abdominal muscles in properly will improve the effectiveness of your workouts 100 percent. Learn how to work your abdominals in a way that builds core strength, supports the spine, and provides stability for safe stretching and efficient movement.

Pilates Exercise Modification and Safety Tips
Learn to modify Pilates exercises for safety or more challenge. Protect your neck and back with these simple tips. Apply these exercise basic modifications to matwork or reformer workouts.

Before You Buy a Pilates Mat
Here is a buyers guide for Pilates exercise mats. Having the right equipment can do wonders for your Pilates experience and an exercise mat could well be your first choice for doing Pilates at home. Read through this buyers guide before you make up your mind what kind of mat you want for Pilates exercise.

How to Find Pilates Classes
6 quick tips for finding Pilates classes wherever you are.

Preparing for Your First Pilates Class
What you want to know to prepare to take a beginning Pilates Class. What to wear, what to bring, and what to expect at a Pilates studio.

Maximize Your Pilates Classes
From choosing a Pilates instructor to deciding what kind of class to do first, here are seven ways to make sure that you are getting the most out of your Pilates classes.

8 Tips for Choosing Your Pilates Instructor
Finding a Pilates teacher who is knowledgeable, and can instruct you clearly in the Pilates exercise basics, is very important. Here are some guidelines for choosing a Pilates instructor.

The Anatomy of a Pilates Reformer
Springs, straps, gears and pulleys. The Pilates Reformer can be a somewhat intimidating looking exercise machine. The Reformer is actually a very elegant piece of resistance exercise equipment. This is an introduction to the parts of the reformer and their basic functions.

Learn to do Sequential Breathing
Working with the breath is an important part of learning to workout the Pilates way. Here is a basic exercise for becoming more aware of using the breath to your full advantage.

Find Your Neutral Spine Position
Neutral Spine is a natural position of the spine when all body parts are in good alignment. Knowing where neutral spine is, is crucial for doing an exercise properly.

Avoid Dizziness and Nausea While Exercising
Dizziness and nausea are not uncommon among atheletes who train really hard, but what about those of us doing moderate exercise?

Review:The Everything Pilates Book
I think this is a wonderful beginner book, it covers a lot of territory without overloading the reader.

Is Pilates Really for You?
Find out what type of exerciser you are. Here's what you need to know to see if Pilates is right for you?

Exercise Test Drive - The Hundred

Do you Need Springs to do Pilates?

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