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8 Tips for Choosing Your Pilates Instructor

What to Look for in Pilates Training


Updated June 20, 2014

Personal trainer (20s) helping mature woman (50s) on pilates reformer.
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Pilates is a scientific and detailed system of exercise. It is essential that you learn from a Pilates instructor who really understands and communicates the basics well. Here are some tips to get you started thinking about the experience you would like to have as a Pilates student.

Before the Class:

1. Get education information.

Pilates training is a very in depth system of exercise and real education will have required many months of study, not just a weekend workshop or two. If you are taking Pilates equipment class, the instructor should have completed a minimum 450hr. comprehensive Pilates instructor training.
Learn more: Pilates Teacher Education Basics

2. Does the teacher greet you before class?
Does the teacher seem genuinely interested in you? Do they ask about your goals and any thing going on with your body he/she might need to know about?

During Class:

3. Are the instructor's directions clear?

Don't think it's your fault if you are confused. It is the instructors' job to take you through the exercises with good verbal cues and demonstrations.

4. Is he/she paying close attention to the students, and are you getting some individual attention?
While many students like to be anonymous in class, Pilates is not a one size fits all method and it is important that the instructor check in with you.

5. Does the teacher seem professional, confident and knowledgeable?
Is he/she giving appropriate modifications along with the exercises?

After the Class:

6. Did you enjoy the class? Does your body feel good?

7. Did the instructor check in with you to see how the class went for you?

8. Overall, did you feel motivated by this instructor?

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