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Pilates for Beginners - Get a Good Start


This is where you will find all kinds of information about getting started in Pilates. From how to learn Pilates to what you need - it's all here.
  1. Making the Pilates Choice
  2. Learning Pilates
  3. Beginner Exercises
  4. Pilates and Special Interests
  5. Pilates Movement Basics

Making the Pilates Choice

Pilates for Flat Abs

Pilates continues to be one of the biggest trends in fitness. Find out why and what Pilates has to offer you.

Learning Pilates

Pilates Class

There are lots of ways to learn Pilates. Use these links to investigate your options and decide how you want to learn Pilates.

Beginner Exercises

Pilates pictures

Build your Pilates training on a strong foundation. Here you will find Pilates fundamental and beginner exercise instructions that you can use to support your practice.

Pilates and Special Interests

pilates reformer

Pilates combined with....? Take a look at the many ways that Pilates is used to support special needs and interests.

Pilates Movement Basics

If you know some of the fundamental principles of Pilates movement, you will progress quickly and enjoy your workouts more.

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