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A Fat Burning Exercise Program

Design a Weekly Exercise Program with Pilates and Cardio


Updated June 23, 2014

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Weight Loss Programs

Success Makes a Plan

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The sample fat burning exercise program outlined below will give you 2.5 hours of moderate cardio and a minimum of 2 hours of strength training. That will put you right in the weight loss zone of just over 250 minutes per week of moderate exercise as recommended by the ACM (see page 1). Of course, you can mix and match as is right for your body and schedule, and increase intensities as appropriate.

Sample Fat Burning Exercise Program

Day 1: Pilates 40 - 60 min, cardio 30 min
Day 2: Cardio 30 min
Day 3: Pilates 40 - 60 min
Day 4: Cardio 30 min
Day 5: Cardio 30 min
Day 6: Pilates 40 - 60 min, Cardio 30 min
Day 7: rest day or make up for a missed day

Get Started in Pilates
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Choose a Cardio Exercise
Keep an Exercise Log

Diet and Weight Loss

An article on exercise and fat burning wouldn't be complete without mentioning the other half of the fat burning equation: what you eat. Diet and exercise go together to promote weight loss -- after all, you could do all the cardio and Pilates in the world and never lose any weight if you eat all the calories back. Here are some resources that will help with the dietary part of your weight loss project:
Healthy Lifestyle Weight Loss
Weight Loss, Flexibility and Energy
How to Make a Food Journal, and Why
Nutrition and Exercise, a Power Combo
Calorie Count

Fat Burning Pilates DVDs

There are also Pilates DVDs that focus on fat burning. They too, usually combine cardio and Pilates activity.
Compare Prices on Fat Burning Pilates DVDs
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More Advice for Burning Fat

Physical Activity for Everyone, C.D.C online
ACSM Position Stand on Physical Activity and Weight Loss, A.C.S.M online
Physical Activity Guidelines for Americans, U.S. Dept. of Health and Human Services online

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