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Pilates Books

Read reviews of Pilates books. Find out what's worth buying and why.

Book Review: Voices of Classical Pilates
Voices of Classical Pilates is a wide-ranging series of essays by Pilates teachers of the classical tradition. Read my review.

2012 Readers' Choice Awards for Best in Pilates
Find out which Pilates books were winners in the 2012 Readers' Choice Awards.

The Best Pilates Books (not written by Joseph Pilates)
What do you think is the best Pilates book not written by Joseph Pilates? Vote here.

Review: The Pilates Path to Health; Body, Mind, and Spirit
Read a review of the The Pilates Path to Health by Gary Calderone. This is a unique Pilates book about the healing and personally transformative potential of a Pilates practice based on the integration of body, mind and spirit.

Review: Pilates Anatomy by Rael Isacowitz and Karen Clippinger
Read a review of Pilates Anatomy. This book is an illustrated exercise anatomy guide to the muscle groups used in Pilates exercises. Written by Rael Isacowitz of BASI Pilates and Karen Clippinger.

Book Review: Scolio-Pilates
Scolio-Pilates is a detailed manual of Pilates exercises for scoliosis. It is a significant resource book for Pilates teachers, and for those with scoliosis who want to work with exercise as a treatment for scoliosis. Read my book review.

Pilates Practice Companion, by Alycea Ungaro
Written by Alycea Ungaro, also the author of The Pilates Body, The Pilates Practice Companion is an extensive book of Pilates exercises and workouts for all levels. Read my book review.

Pilates - Spirit and Health from a "21st Century Perspective"
Read this interview Gary Calderone, author of The Pilates Path to Health, a book about the role of Pilates in health, spiritual growth, and in transforming the world.

Book Review: Pilates - The Essential Guide
A book for Pilates beginners, Pilates, The Essential Guide includes fundamentals of Pilates exercise for beginners. This review will help you decide if the Pilates book is right for you.

Review: Ageless Pilates
This book presents a Pilates based program of exercises designed to create a foundation for fitness at all ages.

Joseph Pilates' Book, Return to Life Through Contrology
Joseph Pilates' book, Return to Life Through Contrology is essential Pilates reading. In it, Joseph Pilates writes about the philosophy of the Pilates method and gives instructions for Pilates mat exercises, including pictures.

Review: The Everything Pilates Book
The Everything Pilates book is a great primer on Pilates. It covers all the essentials in a well thought out and easy to read way. There is a little bit of everything here. A great place to start reading about the Pilates Method of Exercise.

So You Do Pilates, Do You?
The story of one mans journey from being injured as a motor bike racer to becoming a Pilates instructor.

Review: 8 Steps to a Pain-Free Back
8 Steps to a Pain-Free Back may be the most sophisticated book of back pain exercises you will ever read. In it, Esther Gokhale presents a highly detailed program of posture exercises that challenges contemporary assumptions about the spine and movement.

Review: The Complete Book of Pilates for Men
Before you buy your next Pilates book, read this detailed review of The Complete Book of Pilates for Men.

Book Review: Pilates
Pilates, Your Complete Guide to Mat Work and Apparatus by Rael Isacowitz. A wonderful guide to Pilates from one of the masters. This book covers all of the major Pilates exercises for mat and reformer, and includes other equipment as well.

Review: Discovering Pure Classical Pilates
Pure Classical Pilates by Peter Fiasca. A handbook for the classical Pilates instructor, and informative reading for all Pilates students.

blog: Pilates Body In Motion
In this blog I tell you why I recommend this book for beg/int. Pilates students.

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