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The Best Pilates Classes Online


Updated April 03, 2013

You can find excellent Pilates classes online. Below is a list, with descriptions, of those websites I think have the best Pilates classes by online video. These sites offer Pilates workouts and specific exercise instructions, as well as exercise techniques and instruction on the use of Pilates equipment, including reformer exercises.

I recommend these sites based on their level of instruction, the quality of videos, and the range of classes offered. Because they are in-depth, these sites are not free. However, fees are reasonable and there are introductory offers.

Pilates Anytime

pilates class
courtesy of Pilates Anytime

Pilates Anytime is an exciting website offering online Pilates classes - mat, equipment, props - for all levels, and different interests. This site is special because it features a wide variety of excellent instructors and they add new videos frequently. In addition to their regular instructors, what they call the "distinguished instructor" list at Pilates Anytime includes many Pilates masters such as Kathy Corey, Michael King, and Jullian Littleford among many others. This website is easy to navigate and personalize. It is the place to go online if you are an instructor or looking for more in-depth instruction.

$18/mo. 15 day free trial


online pilates class
courtesy of Pilatesology
Pilatesology teaches online Pilates classes dedicated purely to classical Pilates. It is a rapidly growing site that already offers a strong selection of beginner through super advanced classes with quality Pilates instructors. Some well-known instructors include Pilates Elder Jay Grimes as well as Alisa Wyatt (founder), Alycea Ungaro, Brett Howard and many more. Good navigation, and you can favorite and comment on classes. $19.00/mo $150.00/yr 10 day free trial

Pilates on Demand

Pilates on Demand
courtesy of Pilates on Demand
Out of the U.K., Pilates on Demand offers subscription Pilates classes that are decidedly geared toward the home workout. The classes are mat only use small equipment such as resistance bands, magic circles or exercise balls. The atmosphere is casual, and classes often have only two students demonstrating. However, the instruction level is good so listen carefully. This website is easy to navigate and personalize. Prenatal and postnatal classes are also available. **Note: classes are paid for in British Pounds. £12.95/month. £116.55/year 14 day fee trial.

Ultimate Pilates Workouts

Pilates Exercise

The video classes at Ultimate Pilates Workouts are taught by the owners of Pilates on Fifth in NYC, Katherine and Kimberly Corp. Katherine and Kimberly are delightful instructors with a Stott Pilates background. Ultimate Pilates Workouts has a offers a selection of classes, but it is easy to sort and choose workouts by equipment, level, and time. There are also lessons for Pilates instructors, offering cues and tips on teaching Pilates exercises.

Package deals from Free to 259.99 yr.

The Corp sisters are also featured Pilates instructors here at pilates.about.com. See: Pilates Exercise Videos at About.com

Gaiam TV

Gaiam TV offers Pilates and fitness videos that Gaiam has previously published as DVDs as streaming video online. There is an extensive selection of Pilates videos, including videos by Mari Winsor of Winsor Pilates, Ana Caban and Jillian Hessel.
Read my review of Pilates at Gaiam TV

$9.95 per month

Pilates Interactive

Rael Isacowitz Demonstrates
(c)2010, BASI Pilates

Pilates Interactive is a project of BASI Pilates, a company founded by renowned Pilates master Rael Isacowitz. A wonderful resource for advanced students and professionals, Pilates Interactive offers exercise instructions and full workouts for all levels and types of equipment. The site includes written instruction and video. Most videos feature Rael Isacowitz, which is a delight in itself. The site is searchable by a number of criteria such as by level, muscle group, or apparatus.

Site function take a little getting used to, but it is worth the effort.

$9.99 mo. $99.00 yr.

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