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Top Pilates on DVD - Reviews and Guide Picks


Updated November 11, 2012

Even though Pilates DVDs are not very expensive, you still want a DVD that meets your needs and interests. Based on reviews I've done over the years, I've put together a short list of some of my top picks for Pilates workouts on DVD. There were many wondeful DVDs to choose from, but I chose the ones that I like to do the best, or have risen to the top as those I recommend the most often. Be sure to check the full review list, as well as our Readers' Choices for Best Pilates DVDs.

1. Beginner Pilates DVDs

Stott Pilates Home Workout Series
Merrithew Corporation

New Body! Pilates Beginner Mat and Circle, Jennifer Kries - This is a good introduction to the traditional Pilates mat exercises. The extra magic circle exercises take the level up a notch. Read my review

New York Style Beginner Workout, Jonathan Urla - Beginner pacing but a full workout building on fundamentals and modifications. Read my review

The Secret to Flat Abs, Stott Pilates - This DVD focuses on toning the deep abdominal muscles and back, the Pilates powerhouse. Stott Pilates excels at precise instruction. Read my review

2. Intermediate Pilates DVDs

Rael Pilates System 17

System 17, Rael Isacowitz - You won't find anyone who imparts the inner magic of Pilates better than Rael Isacowitz. System 17 is the intermediate level of a 3-level series, all of which are recommended. Read my review

The MVe Series, Peak Pilates - Good for those looking for reformer and chair exercises, these DVDs cover mat and equipment exercises from beginner through advanced, with modifications. Read my review

Power Paced Fitness Circle, Stott Pilates - This is an up-tempo workout with the Pilates magic circle. It is a good target workout for the core, as well as triceps and inner thigh. Read my review

3. Advanced Pilates DVDs

romanas pilates

Advanced Pilates, Alisa Wyatt - A fast-paced classical mat workout, this is my go-to advanced mat workout. Read my review

Romana's Pilates Powerhouse Mat Workout, Romana Kryzanowska - An advanced Pilates student should at least have some exposure to the renowned Pilates Elder Romana Kryzanowska. Here you get to learn, and watch Romana teach, the exact mat workout she teaches. Read my review

Pilates Method Master Trainer Series, Jennifer Kries - This is not a follow-along workout. This is an insightful, advanced level study of Pilates mat and equipment exercises. Read my review

4. Fusion Pilates DVDs

Pilates Playground DVD
Nico Gonzales

Pilates Playground, Nico Gonzales - This is a challenging but fun workout with the resistance band and magic circle. It was a finalist in the About.com Readers' Choice Awards. Read my review

Winsor Pilates Slimming Pilates, Mari Winsor - For those looking for a weight loss and body sculpting focus, Winsor Pilates delivers. Read my review

Sexy Body Workout with Weights, Jonathan Urla - Pilates, yoga and weights combine in a body toning routine that stays connected to good movement principles. Read my review

HomeBody Workout, Jillian Hessel - A good choice for beginners, this DVD incorporates dance weights and a routine that can be done in a chair. Read my review

5. Readers' Choices for Best Pilates on DVD


In 2011, About.com readers voted for the best Pilates DVD in the Readers' Choice Awards. Five finalists were chosen by readers, and another vote determined the winner.

6. Compare Prices on Pilates DVDs

Pilates DVD

You can find good deals on some of the Pilates DVDs reviewed here -- such as Winsor Pilates, Stott Pilates, and Rael Pilates, as well as many others -- at PriceGrabber.

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