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Free Pilates Exercise Instructions

Here are free Pilates exercise instructions for exercises done on the mat and with the exercise ball, magic circle, stretch bands, and more. You can sample Pilates exercises for beginners, as well as intermediate and advanced. Try some of the Pilates workouts as well.
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  2. Warm Up Exercises (24)
  3. Pilates Routines (35)
  4. Exercise Balls (22)
  5. Exercise Bands (11)
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  7. Stretching Exercises (21)
  8. Large Pilates Equipment Workouts (8)

The First 10 Classical Pilates Mat Exercises
There is a traditional order to the Pilates mat exercises, as developed by Joseph Pilates. Here are samples of the first 10 exercises of a classical Pilates mat workout.

Quick Pilates Workout 1
This quick Pilates workout of eight exercises strengthens and stretches the abdominal muscles and back.

Featured Picks - Exercise Instructions and Workouts
A quick reference of some of our top picks for Pilates exercise instructions -- mat exercises, Pilates ball exercises, workouts, Pilates ring and more.

Level 2 Strength and Stretch Series
If you are ready for an intermediate level challenge, this ten exercise Pilates mat routine will provide a good over-all workout. This set of exercise instructions includes abdominal exercises, and exercises for the legs, hips, and back as well.

Get Help with Pilates Exercises
We all have certain exercises that are harder for us than others. If a Pilates exercise is giving you trouble, bring your question to the Help with Exercises section of the Pilates Forum. If you have tips for others, bring those too.

All About Flexibility
Flexibility is about increasing the range of muscles and joints. Learn how to use warm up and stretching exercises to increase flexibility.

Free Pilates Newsletter - New Instructions Every Week
Pilates exercise instructions, and lots of interesting Pilates information, appear regularly in the Pilates Newsletter. Sign Up is free and easy, and will not result in email you don't request! Click here to receive the Free Pilates Newsletter.

Readers' Favorite Pilates Exercises - What's Yours?
Find out what Pilates exercises people like the best, and why. Is your favorite Pilates exercise on the list? Add your comments.

Free Pilates Videos Online at About.com
About.com teamed up with Katherine and Kimberly Corp of Pilates on Fifth in NYC to bring you a set of Pilates videos that you can watch right here, online. Get the list and links here.

How to Pull In Your Abdominals
Understanding how to pull your abdominal muscles in properly will improve the effectiveness of your workouts 100 percent. Whether you are doing Pilates or engaged in other athletic activities, it is essential to know how to work your abdominals in a way that builds core strength, supports the spine, and provides stability for safe stretching and...

Compare Pilates vs Yoga Exercises
It is interesting, but not easy, to compare Pilates and Yoga. They are both huge subjects with many differences and similarities. Here we look at a couple of the most obvious differences between Pilates and yoga, and explore 5 exercises Pilates and yoga share.

Side Kick Series - Pilates Mat Exercises
The Pilates Side Kick exercises strengthen and tone the hips and legs, as well as develop core strength by challenging the abdominals.
The exercise instructions for the Side Kicks Series will help you use these exercises to their fullest potential.
This series is part of the free Pilates mat exercise series at pilates.about.com.

Kneeling Side Kick - Before and After
Learn to use oppositional stretch for better form in Pilates exercises. Compare before and after pictures of the Pilates exercise, kneeling side kick.

Tips for Rolling Exercises
Rolling exercises are part of the classic Pilates exercise repertoire. They create a unique abdominal workout where we have to use a lot of core strength to initiate and support the movement. Review these tips for doing rolling exercises to help you get the most out of these exercises and do them in a safe way.

Buying Exercise Bands
Exercise bands, also known as resistance bands, stretch bands, workout bands or flex bands provide adjustable resistance training for both stretch and strength exercises.

Pilates Posture Check
Can you stand comfortably in a way that feels relaxed and supported by the core? Use this primer on Pilates and posture to help you access your core strength, and improve how you stand and use your body.

The Six Pilates Principles
The Pilates principles work synergistically together to make a Pilates a balanced and effective and integrative exercise system. These 6 principles are part of what sets the Pilates Method of Exercises apart from other exercise programs.

Pilates Exercise Modification Tips
Learn to modify Pilates exercises for safety or more challenge. Protect your neck and back with these simple tips. Apply these exercise basic modifications to matwork or reformer workouts.

Can You Do Pilates Every Day?
Can you do a Pilates workout every day? What would such a workout look like and how could you keep daily workouts safe and effective? Find out what you need to consider about your Pilates workouts to keep them safe and interesting over time.

How to Vary Your Pilates Workouts
Variety is the spice of life, and a key to keeping your Pilates workouts effective and interesting. Here are 10 ways, and lots of resources, to vary your workouts.

Core Strength and Good Posture
From about.com's exercise site - a very good description of the muscles involved in core strength, along with exercises to help identify and strengthen core abdominal muscles.

Pilates Reformer Exercise - Climb a Tree
Climb a tree is an intermediate Pilates reformer exercise. This exercise focuses on abdominal muscles, back muscles and hamstrings.

A Pilates Event for Everyone - March Matness

Get Ready for Push Ups - Strengthen Your Wrists with an old school Device

A Pilates Author's Confession or Why you Can't Do a Sit Up?

The Single Most Important Exercise for You and Your Children
Forget 45 minutes a day. Practice this one move and live a longer life.

Get Hot Legs with This Pilates Leg Exercise
The Pilates Side Kick Hot Potato for Hot Legs

Your Outdoor Pilates Workout
Pilates Jumping Jacks in the Park

Get Pilates Strong: The Swan
The Pilates Swan will Build your Back Strength and Mobility

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