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Level 2 Strength and Stretch Series


Updated April 15, 2011

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Supported Roll Back - a good warm-up choice

by Peter Kramer, courtesy of Kolesar Studios (c)2006

This is an intermediate level Pilates mat routine. It focuses on abdominal strength as well as stretching the back, sides, front body, and hamstrings.

If you have not done much Pilates before, you may want to start with the Pilates Beginner Exercises or Quick Workout 1. Both are excellent routines that include less difficult exercises.

This series does not include a warm up. However, any workout should begin with some moment of tuning in and establishing alignment. You may want to explore the warm-up exercises before beginning this routine.

Ready to go? Each step will display an exercise and provide a link to the full exercise instructions for that move. As you come to know each exercise you will only need to click through this step by step as a reminder. For now, go to each exercise and learn it well, then use your back button to return to this step by step sequence.

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