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Pilates Exercise Instructions and Workouts


Looking for free Pilates exercises? Here's a large selection of Pilates exercise instructions including workouts for the mat Pilates magic circle, resistance bands and exercise ball.
  1. Pilates Mat Exercises
  2. Pilates Beginner Exercises
  3. Pilates Workouts
  4. Pilates Ball Exercises
  1. Pilates Ring Exercises
  2. Pilates Equipment Exercises
  3. Pilates Exercise Technique

Pilates Mat Exercises

pilates teaser

Use these Pilates mat exercises to develop core strength, flexibility and balance. Find free instructions for beginner through advanced exercises.

Pilates Beginner Exercises

pilates dart exercise

If you are a Pilates beginner, these exercises will get you started.

Pilates Workouts

side plank

Sample free Pilates routines designed for a variety of needs and interests.

Pilates Ball Exercises

Learn Pilates Ball Exercises for strength, balance and toning.

Pilates Ring Exercises

pilates ring exercise

The Pilates Ring is wonderful for toning and finding a connection to your core. It is a small and inexpensive piece of equipment also known as the magic circle.

Pilates Equipment Exercises

reformer exercise

Learn exercises and workouts with Pilates equipment such as the reformer, step barrel and other small props.

Pilates Exercise Technique


Pilates is known to change bodies quickly, creating long lean muscles and making movement efficient and enjoyable. Understanding these basic techniques will help you "make sense" of Pilates exercises.

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