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Make Your Own Exercise Log

Free Tips for Creating a Meaningful Excercise Journal


Updated June 18, 2014

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Keeping an exercise log, even for a little while, can go a long way toward strengthening your fitness practice. Exercise journals help you set goals, measure progress, stick to a fitness program, and plan improvements.

I've seen free printable exercise logs online, but they don't offer the level of flexibility and detail that I like to include. Therefore, I suggest that you make your own. It's not hard, and just the act of creating your own exercise journal is a big step toward commitment. Plus, you can personalize it and make it fun.

If you use pages in a folder or a notebook to make your journal, there is no reason why you can't add pictures and other inspirational materials. Keeping an exercise log is all about engaging with your process. The more you focus on it and put into it, the more it will grow.

Below are some attributes to consider including in your exercise journal: This is a Pilates influenced list, but you can use these ideas to create an exercise log for any kind of workout you do.

What To Record in Your Exercise Log:

  • Date

  • Time

  • Location: home, studio or gym

  • Type of Workout: mat, equipment(what kind)

  • Instructor: self, DVD, class

  • Intensity and Duration: Easy, moderate or hard? How long?

  • Focus: Did you have a specific goal or something you were working on?

  • How you felt before: Pay attention to things like your energy level, breathing, sense of being awake and aware, posture, and mood.

  • How you felt after: Did any of the things you noted before the workout change? How?

  • Workout Notes: Insights, preferences, what worked and what didn't, notes on particular exercises you did

  • Goals for the next workout

I find that with this many questions, it is best to list them vertically on a page with room for a short paragraph after some of the questions. On page 2, you will find the same list as above without the notes. You are welcome to use that as a copy and paste template. See the sample exercise log on page 2.

Are you wondering what a workout schedule is like for other people? Read about and share workout schedule information: Readers on Pilates Workout Schedules

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