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Pilates Mat Exercise - The Saw


Updated January 28, 2013

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The Saw - Prepare
Pilates Mat Exercise - The Saw

The Saw - Prepare

Saw is an intricate back and hamstring stretch. I like it a lot because it is a wonderful way to experience oppositional stretch - with the chest and upper back pulled open by the front and back arms reaching in opposite directions. As you become more familiar with the exercise, the oppositional dynamic between the front shoulder and the opposite hip is also very interesting.

Saw is an important lesson in pelvic stability as well. While there is a lot of activity in the upper body, the abdominals keep the hips still and even throughout the exercise.

Saw Preparation:
  • Sit up straight on your sit bones. Send energy down through the mat and up through the top of your head.

  • Your legs are extended in front of you, about shoulder width apart. If you have tight hamstrings you may need to prop your hips up on small lift, like a folded towel.

  • Arms are stretched out to the side, even with your shoulders.
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