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Standing Pilates - Wall Roll Down


Updated October 11, 2012

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Start Position
standing pilates

Wall Roll Down - Start/End Position

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Wall roll down is a simple way to practice using your abs to achieve the articulated curve of the spine that we use so much in Pilates. It stretches the back and the hamstrings, as it works the abdominals, and teaches good posture. What's better than that?

This is a good way to train for more challenging exercises like the roll up, where you also use the sequential activation of upper and lower abs to curl and un-curl the torso.

Modify wall roll down by only going down as far as you are comfortable, bending your knees slightly, and leaving your arms at your sides.

To Start:
  • Stand tall against a wall. Leaving your body on the wall, walk your feet six to ten inches away from the wall.

  • Pull your abdominals in.

  • Keep your shoulders away from your ears, your chest wide and your ribs down as you raise your arms straight up over head.

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