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Pilates Online Videos and Downloadable MP3s

Here are links to Reviews of Pilates videos online as well as downloadable Pilates MP3s.

Review: Pilates Exercise MP3s from Personalizing Pilates
Learn sample Pilates exercises for osteoporosis, posture, desk exercises and more with MP3 downloads. This is a review of downloadable Pilates routines on mp3 from Personalizing Pilates.

The Best Pilates Classes Online
Find the best online Pilates classes for you. This list will give you brief descriptions of sites offering beginner through advanced Pilates online.

Free Pilates Videos Online at About.com
About.com teamed up with Katherine and Kimberly Corp of Pilates on Fifth in NYC to bring you a set of Pilates videos that you can watch right here, online. Get the list and links here.

Scapular Stabilization Exercise: Online Video
This video demonstrates scapular stability through the arms reach and pull exercise.

The Hundred - Online Video
This online video will help you see the ab and rib connection, modifications, and breathing pattern for the hundred

Leg Bend and Stretch with Exercise Band - Video
This video shows you how to simulate the Pilates reformer footwork using the exercise band. It works the legs, abs and arms.

Kick Back with Exercise Band - Online Video
This online video demonstrates an excellent exercise for toning the legs, and practicing pelvic and shoulder stability.

Pilates Push Up on the Ball- Online Video
This free online video teaches gives good detailed instructions for Pilates push up on the ball.

Free Pilates Exercise Video Clips Online
Find the best online Pilates videos. Top choices for Pilates exercises in free online video format.

Pilates Ring and Foam Roller Workouts on MP3
This Pilates MP3 download gives you a Pilates ring workout that activate core muscles and tone the arms and butt. Foam roller exercises teach stability, stretch, and massage with the foam roller.

Pilates Podcasts: Exercises for Neck and Lower Back
Read reviews of 2 Pilates podcasts from Lynda Lippin. These audio podcasts teach exercises for neck and lower back pain.

Wii Pilates with Daisy Fuentes - Review
Read this review of Daisy Fuentes Wii Pilates before you buy.

Music CD for Exercise from Power Pilates
Here I review a Music CD produced for Pilates. Power Pilates is an eclectic blend of tribal and techno music with a driving, but not overwhelming beat. This CD works quite well as an accompaniment for a strong workout.

Review: Streaming Pilates Videos Online at Gaiam TV
Gaiam TV offers streaming Pilates videos online. Read a review of the Pilates offerings at Gaiam.

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