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Pilates Exercises for a Ski Workout


Updated November 10, 2011

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Pilates Exercises for a Ski Workout
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Wouldn't it be nice if all you had to do be in shape for skiing was to ski? Sure. But the truth is, skiing makes demands on the body that are best met by doing ski exercises off the slope as well.

Pilates, a method of exercise that specializes in core strength, flexibility, balance and control, is especially well-suited for ski workouts.

The selected Pilates exercises in the workout that follows address such specifics for the skier as:

  • strengthening and opening the hip flexors while keeping a stable pelvis
  • building balance skills
  • toning the inner thighs to hold parallel
  • supporting the ability to turn the hips with a stable upper body
  • strengthening and stretching the back
  • overall core conditioning

You will find basic exercise instructions with links to more detailed instructions and notes on how each exercise helps a skier's form. The exercises can be done on their own, as a warm up or integrated into a larger ski workout program.

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