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Resistance Band Exercises for the Upper Body


Updated March 02, 2013

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Introduction and Resistance Exercise Tips
Resistance Band Exercises for the Upper Body

Triceps Exercise with Resistance Band, pg.5

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We are very fortunate to have this upper body workout with resistance band exercises taught by well-known Pilates instructor and model Lisa Hubbard (more about Lisa pg.5). Here, Lisa has put together a set of exercises that focus in on the arms -- the biceps and triceps in particular, chest and shoulders. Of course, in true Pilates fashion you will feel these exercises tone your back and abs and engage your whole.

Guide Note: Please keep in mind that while the resistance band resists you, you need to resist the band. A release is a controlled move, making the entire sequence of a resistance exercise smooth. That is the key to making all of your resistance band exercises really work for you. Also the exercise band cannot be allowed to pull you out of good posture. Your spine is long, your neck is a continuation of your spine, and you are connecting down into the ground through your sit bones and reaching out through the top of your head. Your ribs, for example, don't pop forward just because you exert your arms and shoulders. Though the focus is an upper body workout, you are still connected to your core and the resistance band exercises engage your whole body. Enjoy.

First Exercise: External Rotation

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