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Resistance Band Exercises for the Upper Body


Updated March 02, 2013

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Rowing with the Restance Band
rowing arm exercise

Strengthen your back, shoulders and arms with resistance band rowing.

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Begin sitting, legs extended together and feet flexed.

Place the band across the soles of your feet with your hands at either sides of the band, palms facing inward.

Extend your arms and hinge your spine forward. Exhale and engage the area between your shoulder blades to help pull the elbows back.

Inhale to the start position.

Suggested Reps: Build up to 3 sets of 10 -15 reps

A huge thank you goes to Lisa Hubbard for contributing these upper body resistance band exercises. Lisa is the founder of Rhythm Pilates and has made two Pilates DVDs: Accelerated Pilates with Exercise Band and Total Body Pilates with Mini Ball which was the 2012 winner of the About.com Readers' Choice award for best beginner Pilates DVD. Lisa is also a senior faculty member of BASI Pilates. You might recognize her as a featured model in Pilates DVDs and books by Rael Isacowitz as well as in Pilates Style Magazine.

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