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About the Pilates Method of Exercise

Here is an introduction to the Pilates Method including exercises, the benefits of Pilates, and info about the man who invented the Pilates Method, Joseph Pilates.
  1. Pilates History (7)

What is the Pilates Method of Exercise?
Get the big picture on Pilates. This is a special intro. that covers the exercises, the classes, the equipment and even a little history.

Get in Shape with Pilates
Learn what it means, and what it takes, to get in shape with Pilates.

Who Does Pilates? Find Out.
Just about everyone has heard of Pilates, but who does it, really? What follows is a "short list" highlighting the variety of people who take advantage of the benefits of Pilates.

Here are 5 real reasons you need Pilates mat classes. Take them at a studio...
Pilates mat classes are an essential part of Pilates training. Here are 5 reasons why you should do Pilates mat classes.

Where Pilates and Physical Therapy Meet
Pilates and physical therapy both strive for rehabilitation. Learn about how they are similar and different.

The Pilates Method Alliance Certification Program Accredited in 2012
The Pilates Method Alliance, a non-profit professional Pilates organization has been accredited by the National Commission for Certifying Agencies. This article discusses what the means and why it might be relevant to you.

Pilates Classes for Beginners
Learn about the different kinds of Pilates classes and how to get started in Pilates.

Joseph Pilates - a short bio
Joseph Pilates founded the Pilates method. Learn more about this great fitness innovator.

Top 10 Benefits of Pilates Exercise
There are far more than 10 reasons to do Pilates. I'm starting with 10 because I want to inspire you and give you the opportunity to follow-up on the aspects of Pilates training that interest you.

The 6 Pilates Principles
The Pilates principles are the concepts that inform the Pilates Method of Exercises and set it apart from other exercise programs. They apply to every Pilates exercise, mat or equipment.

Top 5 Myths About Pilates
People have a lot of ideas about Pilates. Some are true and some are not. Here are some of the biggest myths.

What Does Pilates Mean?
A brief definition and history of "Pilates" as both a name and a term.

FAQ - Will Pilates Help Me Lose Weight?
Many People do Pilates to tone their muscles, improve their posture and help them lose weight. Creating lean muscle mass, as Pilates does, is one of the best ways to increase your calorie burning potential.

The Pilates - Yoga Connection
Both Pilates and yoga workouts offer exceptional fitness benefits. Read about how they are alike and different.

Excerpt: What is Pilates? What is Yoga? Why Can't You Mix the Two?
Here is a excerpt of a fascinating interview that Michael Miller did with Claudio Fernandez about Pilates and Yoga. Passionate, insightful and philosophical, these instructors explore everything from Pilates as an idea to Pilates and yoga as powers of construction. A must read for those exploring in the deep inner workings of Pilates and yoga.

Pilates and Yoga Make a Great Pair
Yoga and Pilates are very different exercise disciplines but they compliment each other very well in a fitness regimen. More and more people are combining the two. Here is some great info. on yoga.

The Pilates Method Alliance
A nice overview of Pilates with historical background and photos of Joseph Pilates.

Is Pilates Really for You?
Find out what type of exerciser you are. Here's what you need to know to see if Pilates is right for you?

5 Important Pilates Teachers
The 5 Important Pilates Teachers

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