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Pilates help me get aligned, and get balanced

Share Your Story: Pilates Success Stories

By backandneck

Updated January 30, 2010

How Pilates Helped Me

Pilates, and especially Pilates-based work, helped me so much! I was struggling with constant pain in my upper back due to scoliosis and also a recurring sacroiliac injury. I was a bag of disorganized bones held together by skin - at least that's what it felt like. My joints were never in place and my muscles were weak, tight and overstretched. Pilates help me get aligned, and get balanced. I avoided knee surgery because of it and my guess is I also avoided back surgery over the long term.

How I Did My Training

Interestingly enough, my 1st sacroiliac injury happened in a Pilates one-on-one. I guess I had an instructor who just couldn't be bothered with modifications. The recurrence of this injury was what led me back to Pilates (based work), with someone else, who was really good at putting bodies back together. I continued working with him for years. So inspired by that experience, I sought training as a teacher. I learned a lot from it, but probably what taught me the most was being a teacher. Many of my clients also had big problems with their backs, knees, shoulders and hips. It's been quite a lesson!

What I'd Do Differently

  • I would not let my embarrassment get in the way of asking for an easier exercise to do.

Marguerite Ogle, About.com Pilates, says:

This story shows us so well how important it is to learn how to ask for modifications and how to modify for yourself.

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