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Readers Respond: How to Say "I Love Pilates"

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Updated February 07, 2013

From the article: Pilates and Travel

I Love Pilates!. There it is in English, but we want a collection of "I Love Pilates" in as many languages as we can get! - Spanish, Portuguese, Croatian, Swahili, Hindi, whatever...

If you speak a language other than English, please write "I Love Pilates" in that language below.

If you can add "I do Pilates exercises" and "Where can I find Pilates classes" that could be a great help to Pilates folks who travel to other countries.

Please tell us what language you are writing in too. Thank you for helping us share Pilates around the world!

I love Pilates in Czech

I love Pilates in Czech: Miluji Pilates. Pilates is popular especially in big cities, private studios.
—Guest Bonnie

In Dutch

'Ik hou van Pilates' is I love Pilates in Dutch. I have been doing Pilates for over 10 years now and no longer suffer from back aches!
—Guest Mariel


Amo PILATES (I love pilates) Yo hago Pilates (I do pilates) ¿Dónde puedo encontrar clases de Pilates? (Where can I find Pilates classes)
—Guest Ileana, C

Pilates in Romanian

I love Pilates(Imi place Pilates).I do Pilates exercise(Fac Pilates).Where can i find Pilates classes?(Unde se predau ore de Pilates). I am Romanian but i live in Saudi Arabia and i am hooked to Pilates for many years now...i love Pilates...
—Guest Madalina


Raak Pilates maak! (love Pilates) Tam Pilates ti nai? (Where can I do Pilates?) Tam Pilates (I do Pilates)
—Guest Thai teaser


J'aime le Pilates (I love Pilates) /jem lhe pilat/ Je fais du Pilates (I do Pilates) /jhe fey dü pilat/ Où est-ce que je peux trouver des cours de Pilates? (Where can I find...) /Hu es khe jhe phe truvey dey cur dhe Pilat?/
—Guest Studio Pilates Monte-Carlo

"I love Pilates" in Finnish!

Rakastan Pilatesta! Best wishes from Helsinki Finland!
—Guest Heikki


Mujhe Pilates bahut pasand hai . Mujhe Pilates excercise bahut pasand hai , mein Pilates classes kaha kar sakti hu ?
—Guest Chandini Singh Siddiq

In Swedish

Jag älskar Pilates (I love Pilates) Jag tränar Pilates (I do Pilates exercises) Var kan jag hitta Pilates klasser (Where can I find Pilates classes?)
—Guest MB

Pilates Loft, Zurich, Switzerland

Ich liebe Pilates! (Joseph's native language, German.)
—Guest Renee

Passion de Pilates

Classes in - Carcassonne France where Pilates has grown from no classes to 4 available options in the past 5 years
—Guest pilates perfect

I love Pilates in Indonesian

Aku cinta Pilates. Dimanakah saya bisa belajar Pilates?(Where can i get pilates classes?)
—Guest tatte jalal

I love pilates

In Slovenian language: Ljubim Pilates! I Croatian language: Volim Pilates!
—Guest anja

من پیلاتس را دوست دارم

i love pilates......................................
—Guest n.s

I Love Pilates

Eu amo Pilates em Portugues do Brazil. Toni auras de Pilates 2 vezes por semana. Rousijane - Oceanside,CA.
—Guest Rousijane Medeiros

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